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Since graduating from the royal academy of fine arts Antwerp, Izzy Du has hit the ground running. Releasing the gravity defying pieces from the launch of her 2021 collection. We are treated to 3d printed accessories and nature inspired textures. We discussed all this in more in our recent interview with the designer.

After 7 months in the making, how does it feel to share your amazing new collection?

Like I’m finally letting out a big breath I’ve been holding in for too long.

How would you describe your new collection in 3 words?

New World Minimalism What inspires you most when creating your patterns and shapes? I suppose my shapes inspire my patterns. With most of my more conceptual work such as this collection, I don’t begin with flat patterns. I start on the mannequin with creating a base construction of the silhouette as a first toile. For such pieces, the shapes dictate the patterns and the patterns are the technical ways to materialize the shapes. With mine, they do usually end up being quite technical and complicated.

Through your works you often create exaggerated silhouettes, what draws you to this?

It’s very exciting for me to try out ways to combine and manipulate different materials to create dimensional contrast between the garments and the negative space they create on the body. I love organic shapes and sculptures, man-made or in nature. I love the idea of “gravity-defying” and as gravity is a big determining factor of how a garment sits on the body, I strive to create silhouettes that don’t simply conform to one downward direction.

This collection also consisted of 3d printed accessories, can you tell us more about that? Why did you choose to 3d print? What was that process like?

I’ve worked with 3D printing for accessories since my first collection, experimenting with printing neck chains and shoes. I start with the designs on paper as usual then render it digitally with the assistance of experienced artist Peter Donders, which is then printed in a factory! 3D printing is such a cool process and will definitely be intertwined with my work in the future.

The garments show off such interesting patterns and textures, what is your process for this?

Thank you. Print and texture are both key elements in my work. The colors in the sky and in space inspire me. I love a beautiful sunset more than anything and all I ever want is to make that moment last. I design with the idea of tangibly preserving a moment by creating it in physical form.

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