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This collection is an ode to the SUITE BERGAMASQUE piano suite by Debussy as it contains 4 movements with distinct feelings, this collection brings a mix of garments with different focuses into a single unified suite.  

With SUITE BERGAMASQUE F/W23, Izzy Du focuses on bringing that sense of dimensional contrast and distortion of proportion that she is known for, down to earth and embedding those concepts further into her wearable garments. Puffers with minimal trims and finishings with pieces that are wholly consumed by trims such as the 1000 pockets Jacket, form fitting tight tops and perpendicular jackets with a clean fit brought together with circular organic shapes. This collection retains an integral colour scheme of neutral earthy tones punctuated with prints of vibrant colours and luminous fades, but now introduces a main stage for leathers, long goat hair and waxed cottons that bring an element of relatable terrain into new territory. Honing in on garment construction/detailings and playing with the exaggeration of functionality, the ION puffers in Looks 5,6, and 7 for example, feature continuous circular lines that seemingly extend from the body. The AXI puffers in Looks 1 and 21, are jackets made up of 100% fully detachable single rings that can be reduced or rearranged through a system of buttons and zips, retaining that inconceivable, interstellar feeling. Her signature ‘AURA’ prints, are translated into tight power mesh tops for the body that show a glow emanating from the person themselves instead of their outerwear. Imbuing these elements from her conceptual work into ready-to-wear, truly signifies the beginning of a new era for IZZY DU in a major way.