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“In a world of over stimulation and over production, I seek to bring back a sense of fresh wonder and possibility, I create to incite emotion, whether that be positive or negative, and I toil to preserve interstellar moments in tangible form. 

‘PROVENANCE’ is my villain origin story. Totem beings in a pellucid world of magnificent landscapes and aerial beauty. This collection is about pure forms and fun shapes. It is about a mixture of beauty and ugliness with subtle humour. I love the word subtlety. It is what I had in mind when creating the main collection. At first glance my work is not subtle. However, subtlety lies in the details. Fashion innately takes itself too seriously, with this collection I hope you see the humour in it as I do.”

I thought I would share with you the names we used internally to reference all the looks. I call it as it is:

Flex Wheeler
Celestial Slit
Sexy Puffer Body
Yellow Circle
Black Hole
Black Hole (Revealed)
Blue Milk Carton
Blue Milk Carton (Revealed)
Celestial Wind Blocker
White fur
Square Fish
So many squares
Red circle
50Shades of Silver Milk Carton
Big Lump
Cool Man
Green girl
Very Tall Kind of Ugly