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Born in Chengdu, China but raised in Canada, Izzy Du has been named one of the new Antwerp 6. Du has recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, completing a degree in Fashion Design. However, before her endeavour to Belgium, the designer had completed her foundation year at Central Saint Martins, where she was able to be fully immersed in her passion.

Her high-end co-ed label, Izzy Du, focuses on quality, innovation and taste. The quality is expressed tangibly through the materials, creation and fit, but also by the concept, originality and idea. The brand aims to be visually stimulating, unconventional and a breath of fresh air for us all. “In complexity, I seek maximum simplicity,” which perfectly encompasses the essence of the designer’s work.

Her latest collection, which took seven months to make, consists of smart garments made of solar-enabled fibres and hydrophobic technology. These helped create the gravity-defying and exaggerated silhouettes she likes to call “wearable energy”. When asked for her choice of materials used, Du responds, “With the future in mind, the goal is re-evolution in garments and strategies of change. To not only fulfill our urgent and dire need for restorations through innovation and utility but to surpass that exponentially.”

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